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Litters When choosing a puppy

Choosing an English Cocker Spaniel puppy can be exciting and dogs make amazing companions and bring lots of cheerfulness to your household. However you have to make sure you pick the right puppy for your family and your circumstances.

In particular, ask yourself the following:

Do I have the time to spare and attention he/she deserves?
Am I able to offer our new comer enough daily exercise and interaction with people and other animals?
Can I financially afford the costs of having a pet (food, vet care, grooming and such as medication)?
Are my emotional expectations realistic? (A dog is not a furry little person.)
What’s the best dog breed for me?” “Will he be a good fit with my family?”
Do I have the time  to properly train and socialise a puppy?



December 2020

Multi Champion Los Mampao Havanna Classic x Cerveracan Fire Proof Cuban Warrior

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