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De-matting Comb

The de-matting comb is ideal for teasing out mats in your Cocker Spaniel’s coat. It breaks up matted fur and can help to thin out undercoat and excess hair. It can break a thick mat into manageable strips which can then be teased out with a steel comb. If you prefer, you can use a coat conditioner to help loosen the hair.

  • Brush your Cocker Spaniel’s coat to loosen mats as best you can.
  • Split the mat into strips and place the comb under the mat and make sure the sharp edges are facing away from your dog’s skin. 
  • Hold the mat at the top, near your dog’s body (so you don’t pull your dog’s skin) and slowly ‘saw’ the mat.
  • Use a comb to comb out the loose and dead hair.